Believe in Miracles

This little baby came to me on Friday 6/16/2000 and I don't know his breeder.
Our program Project Angel Wings is a confidential rescue and placement program.

The baby Sun Conure looked more dead than alive.
He hatched the last week of May 2000, which made him at least three weeks old.

He arrived cold and very dehydrated.
I really was shocked at his condition
He is certainly a fighter, two days later and rehydrating quite well.
His eyes start to open.
(Remember he is almost 5 weeks old) His growth rate was severly stunted.
He is gaining weight and getting more active!
Next to address those legs!
You will notice that his eye slits are very high, too!
Life in an aquarium and a tupperware bowl!!!!
Feather buds are growing quite good!!!
His eyes appear to be changing and loosening up.
Check out those feathers!
Happy 4th of July!! My eyes are perfect!
What a playful baby!
Scared me to death just likes to sleep this way!
My Love!